Architectural Services
How much will it cost?
The drawing & design service will be priced individually on your project. See our Price Guide section.
Please remember it is a free quote service!
The fees payable to your local authority are based on what services you require for your project.
Planning is not always required. These fees are standard across all local authorities.
Planning fees are £192 for alterations to existing property & £382 per new build.
* changes in Planning Regulations August 2009 may require a payment to your local authority to provide an advert for neighbourhood notification. We can advise on this.
Building Warrant fees are based on projected build costs. The fees are based on a sliding scale
and can be found in our Price Guide Section. Certain exclusions or grants may be
applicable please see your local authority website for more details or contact them direct.
We will fully advise on these.
How long does it take?
Planning Consent takes 2 months as standard, in more complex/ unusual cases this may take longer.
We would recommend obtaining Planning Consent prior to Building Warrant Approval.
Building Warrant Approvals generally take between six to eight weeks; some local authorities are longer, as their initial review timescales can be 6 weeks. We will fully advise on this.
What alterations to my property will require planning permission?
  • erecting a building
  • extending a building if it is outwith permitted development rights
  • demolishing a building
  • extensions that can be seen by the public, for example a porch or extension that overlook a street. 
Permitted Development Rights- Information can be sourced from your local authority planning portal.
What alterations to my property will require a building warrant?
 Nearly all internal / external alterations will require a building warrant. Here are some examples:
  • integral garage conversion
  • loft conversion (planning will be required if changes are made to the roof line)
  • conservatory- outwith permitted development
  • removal of any window to form door / patio / french door
  • remove / erection of walls /archways etc when load bearing
  • altering window / door sizes
  • installing new stairs
  • changes made to placement of bathroom / kitchen fittings, (changes to drainage) 
  • roads construction consent, you may require if you build vehicular access over a public footpath from a road.
Important Information
Your planning approval is valid for five years.
Your building warrant approved drawings are valid for three years. (Both can be extended)
We would recommend all approvals are obtained prior to work commencing at your property.
A completion certificate will be required from your local authority when your building work is completed.

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